When  you come in for your first fitting, we will ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire. This will help us find the right bra for you based on style, cut, cost and more. After that first fitting we will have your name and size on file so we can just pick up where we left off!

You will be taken to a fitting room where one of our expert bra fitters will measure you, discuss any challenges you are currently having with your bras, then bring you a selection of bras to determine the right size and cut for your body and comfort. Bodies are SO DIFFERENT! Finding a bra that fits is much like finding shoes.... some are more comfortable for a woman with a high bust, others are more comfortable for "girls" that are close set, or far set, or full on top, or uneven..... there are so many variables! We'll figure out the right fit for you so you stay supported and comfortable all day.

Walk-ins are always welcome, or feel free to make an appointment.

We are crossdresser and transgender friendly!​

What to expect at your visit

Bras Galore


Our story

​Finding the right bra can be very challenging. We've been through that frustration so often: walking into a store, being assured that they could fit us, then be told that they have nothing in our size. It's deflating. It's depressing. It left us not feeling beautiful.

And the struggle didn't stop there. What about finding a swimsuit that not only flatters your body, but also supports your "girls"? 

We realized that there needed to be a resource in the city where we could go, get fitted, and walk out with a bra or swimsuit that fit like a glove. Talk about a confidence booster! When you feel comfortable and have a great fit it improves your posture, enhances your figure, and helps you feel more confident and beautiful.

We are very passionate about getting you into the best piece for your body.

​Everyone deserves to feel and look their best.

We carry a huge range of sizes from cups AA to P and bands 28 to 56. Come in for bras, panties, swimwear, lingerie, sleepwear and bridal. We've got a huge selection of nursing bras, full band sizes, full cup sizes, petite band sizes, petite cup sizes, and cup size swimwear. Come in for your bra fitting today!